The roadmap presents an indicative plan of action. In the course of the work, changes may be made. The plan for the next year will be presented in mid-December 2021.

Q3 2020

    Receiving the information;
    building the architecture of the project;
    corporate identity development;
    Distribution of responsibilities in the team.

Q1 2021

    dev of a token contract;
    drawing up an algorithm for the main strategy for distributing rewards among liquidity providers;
    blocking of team tokens;
    drawing up a marketing plan;
    development of technical documentation;
    preparation for Pre-Sale.

Q2 2021

    Pre-Sale (Apr.03/2021, 8:28AM UTC - Apr.10/2021, 8:28AM UTC);
    listing of Uniswap;
    DEXTools listing;
    preparation of technical documentation for the development of an NFT-marketplace and a token analyzer.

Q3 2021

    Staking pool;
    testing the strategy of profitable farming;
    audit of contracts;
    listing of Coingecko & Coinmarketcap;
    start of profitable farming according to the strategy;
    creation of design elements for interfaces;
    development of WEB-interfaces;
    development and testing of contracts;
    drawing up an algorithm using heuristic analysis to evaluate tokens;

Q4 2021

    Testing and release of the token analyzer (Beta);
    assembly and testing of NFT-marketplace;
    audit of contracts;
    launch of the NFT-marketplace platform;
    work on product improvements;
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