NFT collections
From August 2021 we are starting the release of NFT collections. Our first #Chemical lab collection consists of 118 non-interchangeable unique elements. We are working on creating new collections. If you have unique ideas, or you are just a good artist, we can discuss with you options for cooperation in creating new collections. Use the feedback form.

#Chemical lab

Periodic table of chemical elements (collection "Chemical lab"). A collection consisting of chemical elements from the periodic table. A total of 118 NFT elements. Stock for each element: 1/1. We love science and education. We really appreciate the great work of the world's scientists. May our idea bring benefit and interest in chemistry. The money from the sale of elements of the "Chemical lab" collection will go to the development of the Physalis ecosystem.
We invite you to visit and see the table and its elements on the official website of the project. To purchase, click the "buy" button in the card with a description of the item you have selected, or go to the store.
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About the rarity #Chemical lab

The rarity of collection items depends on various parameters, we will not reveal all the rarity attributes, over time you will define them yourself. There are 6 rarity classes in the #Chemical lab.
Rarity class NFT: 6-A (Abundant), 40 pieces 5-C (Common), 21 pieces 4-S (Scarce), 17 pieces 3-VS - (Volume Scarce), 16 pieces 2-R (rare), 13 pieces 1-RR (rarerare), 11 pieces

Base value of tokens

Rarity class NFT
Base Price
Sale price
The starting price of the auction
0.059 ETH
0.01 ETH (5 items in total)
0.199 ETH
0.03 ETH (2 items in total)
0.19 ETH
0.249 ETH
0.05 ETH (total 1 item)
0.24 ETH
0.249 ETH
0.06 ETH (total 1 item)
0.249 ETH
0.689 ETH
0.689 ETH
1.649 ETH
1.649 ETH
Prices for R and RR rarity items may be increased.

Distribution of NFT tokens

5 items of the collection of rarity class "A" at the price of 0.01 ETH will be available in the first days of the trading start.
Items of rarity class "C" (2), "S" (1), "VS" (1) will be on sale, one per week, starting August 31, 2021. Explore, study and seize the moment when they can be bought at a low price.
We will compete for 8 items of rarity class "A" and 2 items of class "C".
27 A-class items, 15 C-rarity items, 10 S-rarity items, 7 VS-rarity items, 3 R-class items, 2 RR-class items will be on display for sale at the base price. The remaining items will be put up for sale through auctions.
We presented one element to the artist B_A_V​
The team Physalis does not reserve the elements of the collection for themselves. The team Physalis does not bid or purchase items from the collection.

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