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What is the total supply of PHY tokens?

We have created an offer with a final quantity. Total supply 58,000 PHY. Tokens will no longer be minted. Tokens will not be burned.

Where can you buy Physalis?

Physalis could be bought Pre-sale. (completed)
The second option is to get physalis on airdrop.
After the end of ardrop, PHY tokens can be bought on Uniswap.

How many employees are on your team?

Our team consists of 4 main specialists. We have partnerships with organizations and individuals.

Where are you located? Does the team have an office?

We have a central office where we work. Our team is located where you are. It doesn't matter to us where you are from or our partners are from. For us, there are no borders, just like in the decentralized world. We all live in one house, and our home is planet Earth.

What's your long term goals?

We plan to implement projects and expand our team. We will come up with new products using Physalis. Our team will attract partnerships. Goal: to create useful products for the community and make a valuable utility token out of Physalis.

Had you specify your liquidity and ICO rules?

The rules are indicated in part. There is a pre-sale time frame. The minimum and maximum number of tokens that can be purchased are indicated. Initial liquidity will be locked forever. Liquidity calculation will be made after the pre-sale.

What will happen to the unsold tokens? What are your plans if the presale fails? Why are you running a presale?

Presale is needed to replenish liquidity pools, audit, marketing and cover the start-up costs of the team. We are ready to work with any fees. With small fees, we will need more time to implement and promote the project. We have options for what to do next in case of a small rais: 1. Return ETH to original investors; 2. create liquidity in the pool in proportion to the amount collected; 3. send unsold tokens to the stake pool and organize an airdrop; 4. Decrease in PHY price. Distribution of additional PHY tokens to initial investors. Creation of a pool with a cheap PHY token; 5. 2nd round of pre-sale with marketing.

What led you to the idea to create such a project?

The analyzer is our author's development. An algorithm with heuristic analysis will allow potential investors to obtain information about tokens. To use it, you will need to have a certain amount of PHY in your wallet. NFT-Marketplace will represent 2 categories: - contemporary art; - game NFT-collections. From transactions on the NFT-marketplace, we implement a PHY buyback system from the market. Yield farms is a way to release tokens to the market. Farming has a mechanism for halving every 30 days.
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